Friday, April 6, 2012

Xinhua News Agency, stationed in New York Times Square

According to the U.S. "The Wall Street Journal" recently reported the Xinhua News Agency has an office building in Times Square in New York, nearly 2,000 square feet in leasing the entire floor space, as the new Xinhua News Agency headquarters in North America overall, the passage by the U.S. media have said the internationalization of Chinese media as a symbol of a new era.
Rented the ground around 1728 ㎡, Xinhua News Agency CEO in North America in the interview with this reporter, confirmed that the Xinhua News Agency finalizes a total branch moved to New York to North America, 1540, Broadway, a 44 storey tower above the agreement, but he said when can move into the new office has not been determined, "we have a lot of preparatory work to do.
According to reports, the Xinhua News Agency leased floors at 1540 Broadway, Times Square, an area of ​​1728 square News Agency meters.Xinhua in North America where the property has all the parties signed a lease for 20 years, which means that the Xinhua News Agency is expected to become a New York Times Square soon, a member of the Reuters media giant Thomson and new neighbors Condé Nast.